Gin fired/distilled with pulled pork gravy. The result is the world’s first smoked gin with complex yet subtle flavors of brown sugar, bbq spices and a “greasy” aftertaste of our pulled pork.

The perfect G&T is served with dried jalapeno and pork jerky or bacon. Also ideal for many summer cocktails and bbq drinks. Porco is a must have for bbq addicts and gin lovers.

Available in half a liter and liter.

Ps: only for real porky’s.

World’s first jam based on smoked pork belly, onion and bourbon. Perfect in combination with burgers, breakfast tacos and toasts, burritos, grilled meats and street food dishes. Also the perfect match with our bbq balls!

Available in jars of 220 grams.

(440 grams coming soon)

Our first flavor in our bbq balls theme & stuffed with 48% pulled pork. A great balance between gravy, butter, bbq spices and pulled pork. A coating of salted nacho provides the crispy skin.

All this ensures a bbq taste explosion in the mouth. Balls with balls is our quote. Can be used as an appetizer, squeeze buns, perfect combo with beers or a Porco Gin. It can even be used by every creative chef in entrees and high-end dishes.

Available in 18 pieces of 80 grams.

Fryer 8 min (2 min rest).

Airfryer or oven 12 min for the same result.

Real authentic smoked pulled pork.

Prepared with love and slow-cooked in the smoker for about 12 hours. It can be used in all sorts of street-comfort food dishes and easy to use .

Available in 0,5 kg & 1 kg.

The Italian dream!

Roasted porkbelly with mediterranean herbs and fennel seed, topped with chili flakes.

Can be used in sandwiches, on the grill or to make the ultimate pork dream.

Available in 0,5 kg and price per kg.