What better combination than macaroni and cheddar cheese jalapeno. Our first vegetarian product on the market. The jalapeno kick is in perfect balance with the creaminess of the cheese. A coating of cornflour and panko provides the crispy skin.

All this ensures a bbq taste explosion in the mouth. Balls with balls is our quote. Can be used as an appetizer, squeeze buns, perfect combo with beers or a Porco Gin. It can even be used by every creative chef in entrees and high-end dishes.

Available in 18 pieces of 80 grams.

Fryer 8 min (2 min rest).

Airfryer or oven 12 min for the same result

A combination of porcoballs, beefballs, chickenballs and mac’n cheese balls.

The ideal cup for your PORCO gin, specially made emphasize the taste while drinking your favorite G&T. Also, challenge your friends for the ultimate GINPONG experience. Try it, dare it, drink it.

Art. No.

The flask is the ultimate solution to always have your favorite G&T by your side in good and bad times. Sneak it to your best festivals or

maybe family-in-law. • all around • • all around •