Our third and most complex flavor in our bbq balls theme. Stuffed with 48% pulled chicken, butter, and smoked chipotle creates an intense flavor bomb. A coating of panko and chipotle provides the crispy skin. .

All this ensures a bbq taste explosion in the mouth . Balls with balls is our quote. Can be used as an appetizer, squeeze buns, perfect combo with beers or a Porco Gin. It can even be used by every creative chef in entrees and high-end dishes.

Available in 18 pieces of 80 grams.

Fryer 8 min (2 min rest).

Airfryer or oven 12 min for the same result.

Real authentic smoked pulled chicken.

Prepared with love and slow-cooked in the smoker with cherry wood for about 3 hours. Can be used in all sorts of street-comfort food dishes and easy to use.

Available in 0,5 kg and 1 kg.